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Lake Colours

Lake colours are insoluble in water and colour the food by dispersion whereas primary food colours are used after dissolving it in water and then use to colour food or other thing. Primary food colours are bonded with aluminous hydrate to form lake food colours. Lake colours are very fine, opaque and dispensable which helps to cover any surface with low quantity and effectively. Lakes coloured either by dispersion of the Lake into the product or by coating on to the surface of the product. In general lakes are more stable than the corresponding for water-soluble food colours, producing brighter more vivid colours and are most suitable for products containing oils and fats, or products lacking sufficient moisture to dissolve dyes.

Difference between Lakes & Dyes: A dye is a distinct chemical material, which exhibits colouring power or tinctorial strength when dissolved. A pigment generically is an insoluble material, which colours by dispersion. The lakes consist of a substratum of alumina hydrate on which the dyes is absorbed or precipitated. Having alumina hydroxide as substrate, the lakes are insoluble in nearly all solvents. Generally regulations specify a minimum of 85% pure dye for primary soluble food colours. Most lots will be in the range of 88% - 92% pure. The lakes, on the other hand do not have a specified minimum dye content and typically range from 8% - 40% pure dye and mostly high dye content are in demand.

Bakery Products:
Icings, fillings, sugar decorations and oil based coatings
Candy and confectionery coatings and chewing gums
Dairy Products:
Ice creams, yoghurts, and wax coating for cheese
Dessert Products:
Gelatines, Pudding and Beverage bases
Seasoning Products:
Snack food coatings and mixes, spice mixes
Pharmaceutical Uses:
Coated and compressed tablets, gelatines (soft and hard) capsules
Non Food Uses:
Snack food coatings and mixes, spice mixes
Personal Care:
Lipsticks, Blushers, Creams, Lotions and Cosmetic Powders
Plastic Films and Wax Coated Packaging, Can Linings

Lake Colours (Lake Pigments)


 Product Name
Lake Tartrazine
Lake Sunset Yellow
Lake Ponceau 4R
Lake Amaranth >4R
Lake Carmoisine
Lake Brilliant Blue
Lake Indigo Carmine
Lake Erythrosine
Lake Erythrosine
Lake Allura Red
Lake Chocolate Brown HT
Lake Red 2G
Lake Patent Blue V
Lake Quinoline Yellow
Lake Apple Green
Lake Pea Green