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Hem International is manufacturer, exporter & supplier of Pigments and Chemicals. Established since 1992, we are offering consistent quality of Pigments to domestic & international markets. We are manufacturer of Phthalocyanine Pigments & Pre Dispersed Pigments. Phthalocyanine Pigments includes Pigment Green 7, Pigment Blue 15.0, Pigment Blue 15.1, Pigment Blue 15.3 and Pigment Blue 15.4. We can offer Pre Dispersed Pigments for Masterbatch application & Water Based application.

Hem International is supplying and procuring raw materials for Paint, Coating, Ink, Paper, Rubber, Plastic, Textile, Ceramic, Construction, Food, Personal Care and other industries. We started as a sourcing agent then as a supplier and exporter which inspired us to be a manufacturer. Even today we have healthy relations with manufacturers with whom we started our journey. Hem International believes in open and fair trade policy. We are sourcing various pigments & chemicals from our established manufacturers who believe in quality products and services as much as we do.

We are also fortunate to have such loyal and co-operative clients without whom we could have never climbed this ladder so easily. We appreciate all the business our clients have offered and are continuously offering. It is our clients who have always motivated us to provide various products under one roof.

Hem International can offer Phthalocyanine Pigments, Pre Dispersed Pigments, AZO Pigments, Violet Pigments, Chrome Pigments, Iron Oxide Pigments, Fluorescent Pigments, Food Colors, Dyes, Resins, Castor Oil and various Chemicals. We are focused to increase our product portfolio which can help us to satisfy our clients. Hem International is regularly exploring new markets to increase its global market share. We are constantly looking for new business partners to market our products.

Our Markets

Our Markets:

Asia: 40%
Europe: 30%
Africa: 25%
South America: 5%

Our Products



It depends on product. Standard packing size for Pigments is 10kgs or 25kgs HDPE Bag with Inner liner.
It is 50kgs for Export, with few exceptions.
Generally we take 15-20 days to dispatch from our factory/warehouse.
It is one week for Export unless specified.